Contact me for a free consultation about your requirements.


I would love to talk genealogy with your group. Most topics can be presented either as a lecture (60-90 minutes) or a workshop (2-5 hours).

Current speaking topics:

  • Introduction to family history
  • Using Legacy family tree software
  • Working with sources
  • Uses for Excel in family history
  • Research planning and record keeping
  • Getting past your brickwall
  • Get your research back on track

If your topic is not on my list, contact me and I will let you know whether I can help.


I provide a range of research services – for genealogists; for people just starting their family history; and for people who want a family history gift for a family member.

Here are some of the ways I could help you:

  • jump-start your family history
  • analyse a genealogical brick wall, provide recommendations for further research or conduct the research for you
  • review and analyse your existing research and conclusions, and provide a customised research plan to guide further research
  • retrieve copies of documents from repositories in Sydney, such as the NSW State Archives.

A standard research pack is 6 hours for $250. It is important to note that every family history is different and 6 hours may not be enough time to achieve your goals. I recommend that you begin with the standard research pack to help define the project and gain a better idea of your options for further research.

A report is provided in electronic format for all research projects. The fee does not include photocopying or the purchase of certificates. We will agree on the maximum you want to spend on these extras, so that there are no hidden expenses. Extra services, such as printed reports and CDs are available on request.

Advice and mentoring:

If you prefer to do your own research but need help or support, I offer an advice and mentoring service. This could be as little as a single meeting for an hour in person or by Skype, or a monthly catch up for advice and feedback. The fee will vary depending on what you require, so contact me if you are interested. Group rates are also available.