I am a regular presenter for the Society of Australian Genealogists. Here is a list of my upcoming presentations. All are online and open to everyone.

Family history fundamentals course – Part 1 Getting started, Tue 12 Apr

The first of the three-part session primarily uncovers the principles of family history research, with a particular emphasis on understanding the diversity between types of sources. The session will demonstrate numerous forms of charting and the necessary information required for each. It will then demonstrate search techniques, including reference to diverse repositories and instruction on how to best utilise them your research. To end, the session will discuss the importance of appropriate research planning as well as methods to achieve success.

Book here for Part 1, or here for the full course.

Building a family history website on WordPress, 21 April

WordPress is a free blogging website, but you do not have to blog – there are many format options. Danielle will provide an overview of WordPress and demonstrate some options for using this platform to share your family history.

No previous experience of WordPress, blogging or website construction is necessary for this webinar.

Book here

Family history fundamentals course – Part 2 Analysing the evidence, Tue 10 May

Part two will enhance the theoretical grounding gathered from part one as it focuses on the practical aspects of genealogy. A detailed breakdown of source analysis will demonstrate how to recognise errors and overcome research challenges, ensuring that the sources help your research to its full potential. The session will also cover handwriting analysis and increase your problem-solving capabilities.

Book here for Part 2, or here for the full course

Family history fundamentals course – Part 3 Documenting and presenting, Tue 14 Jun

Part three is focused on how to share your discoveries with other researchers, including: charts, software, reports, books and online, allowing you to choose a method that best suits you. This session differentiates between documentation and presentation, and what is required in the correct execution of both. An important final step is how to ensure your citation process is as easy as can be. 

Book here for Part 3 or here for the full course

Past lectures (2022)

Problem solving using mind mapping & timelines, Sat 19 Mar

Legacy Software Users Group, Sat 5 Mar 2022

Proving your family history, Sat 26 Feb 2022

Caribbean Research Group, Sat 5 Feb 2022

Fixing errors in your family tree, Sat 29 Jan 2022